2019 52v (VOLT) ENWARPED xc - Military Folding Electric Bicycle


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2019 52 Volt Enhanced Cycles Warped XC (ENWARPED) - Folding Electric Bicycle

Upgraded from 48v to 52v for 2019, this finely tuned ecomachine is great for hard trail riding, and mild to extreme commuting and touring when equipped with its optional rear rack.

FOLD and GO anywhere: This versatile electric bicycle can fit into the back of every hatchback and truck or SUV  and the trunk of a large car. 

CONQUER hills: With a 10 speed Shimano XT drivetrain and a 750w plus Bafang mid drive motor this eco friendly machine can climb any hill carrying up to a 300lb rider.

TRAVEL and STOP at your pace: The Warped xc ecomachine travels up to 28mph on throttle only and your pace with 9 levels of pedal assist, and stops like a pro on any incline because it is equipped with a high powered Shimano XT braking system.

WARRANTY: The ENWARPED xc 52v electric bike ecomachine is made even sweeter by a standard 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects for all nonwearable components, including the battery and motor.


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